Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Our Journey for 2015

My life, our life, was a lot different before God intervened. You can read my testimony to find out more, but to sum it up: I grew up in a christian home, turned to the world as a teen/young adult, and found my way back to Him with my husband by my side in 2006.

My life was anything but simple before this point. It was based on excess, materialism, vanity, consumerism, drama, work and it was never enough. I always wanted more, there was always a void that couldn't be filled, I knew there was something bigger and better I had to have...little did I know that it was Jesus.

After our supernatural experience with God things started to change. We lived in town, and my husband loved the country...I did not. I began being drawn and nudged into a love of all things farm and country, simple and frugal. We prayed for an acreage to rent and were blessed with more than we could have ever asked for, a 5 bedroom, almost 3 acre home with a chicken coop and animal pens in the country, for the price of what a run down 2 bedroom townhouse was going for at the time. Turned out the landlords were Christians and were praying for the right tenants for their home. :)

We continued our journey, raised chickens, grew our first garden, canned our first vegetables, baked our first pies and breads and were led by God to give Him control over our family size and everything else in our lives. We loved our simple life. Then the call came that they would be selling the house and it was time to move on.

With twice as many children, and to a home half the size we carried our dreams for simple living with us. We don't have the land the big kitchen or the chicken coop anymore, but we're finding there is still so much to learn about living simply. Things are just looking different than we expected them to.

Dreams and Goals for 2015 

  • We still hope and pray for a homestead where we can get as close to off-grid as He wants to take us.
  • To learn new skills that might help us and our children to live on less. Specifically: Foraging, sewing, knitting, gardening, canning, hunting, basket weaving, survival skills, baking and cooking from scratch and more.
  • To trust God more.
  • To teach our children how to love God more.
  • To love our children and others more.
  • To read my Bible more (personal)
  • To read more in general (personal)
  • To write more (personal)
  • Get healthy and lose weight with Trim Healthy Mama
  • To can a whole lot more this year!!

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