Saturday, October 5, 2013

Couldn't Have Said It Better #1

So many of you share my thoughts better than I ever could. In my journey to simplify I'd love to make things more simple for you as well. I plan on sharing beautiful posts I come across during my week, where people say it better than I ever could. Then I don't have to write it, and you don't have to travel all over the web to hunt these great posts down, simple. ;)

I Miss Singing Hymns @ Modern{ish} Homemaker
I miss singing hymns too.

Thank You, But I Didn't Ask! @ The Blish

11 Things Pro Choicers Don't Get @ Live Action News

Enjoy! And feel free to leave your favorite post of the week in the comments below!

James 1:22          
But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.


  1. A pregnancy is about 2 lives, not one. That seems to be what anti choicers don't get. The reality is that there are millions of things that can go wrong with a pregnancy and it is positively unhelpful to tell a woman who has just been told that her pregnancy can or will result in death or pain for a fetus or herself that she has absolutely no choice but to continue to participate in the pregnancy regardless of the costs to herself or the pain of a perhaps anticipated child. My opinion is, was and always will be to choose to trust women to make the difficult decisions and believe that if a child is unwanted that it's best place is with God, not here. An innocent soul never dies, it just goes home. It makes me sad that anti choicers instead of looking at the fact the fact that one in100 children will experience neglect and abuse(with surprise, surprise 75% having an adult fail to provide for a BASIC NEED) and focusing on the children already present, the focus is on forcing people to have children that they may not be prepared to care for. I could respond to the dreck about "men having a right" but until the first man DIES in childbirth, why bother. They don't have to worry about seizures. They won't get gestational diabetes. There are no male incidences of preeclampsia and until there are I reserve my right to tell men to sit down and let women discuss this. By the way, strength is sometimes recognizing that what you want isn't reality and accepting it. It's understanding that life isn't a 30 second soundbite and neither are the beginnings of it. Oh and when pregnancy resource centers can LIE to women then they aren't women's friends(Oregon crisis center even called a bill requiring them to be honest a "hinderance."). You know who else is a fan of lying? Satan. It isn't God's will to lie about something to get your way, it's YOUR will. Until anti choicers recognize the difference between the two, there isn't really going to be any meaningful conversation.

    1. I see you're very passionate about this. You may want to post your comments on the blog of the person who wrote the article you're referring to so the author can answer any questions you may have about their post and respond accordingly.
      Personally, as much as it absolutely pains me to see this happen I don't believe any man/woman should be in control of another, and that God gave us free will for a reason. It is not our place to take free will away from others, just as I believe it is not our place to decide who lives or dies. Life and death belong to Him, at all phases and stages of life. I would never take someones free will away, so I am not anti-choice, however I do hope to educate people making those choices to other options they may not have seen as options, and to be there for them with love and compassion regardless of the decision they make.