Saturday, September 21, 2013

Joy in the Journey

God is ever working in our hearts. It's a constant journey of changing and growing. It's the life you accept as a follower of Christ. There is no end to our journey while we're here on earth, there is no goal or destination to reach, that destination is reached after this life is over, this life, here on earth, this is just the journey.
It's the winding and twisting of a narrow path, taking you in directions you never thought you'd travel, to places that weren't in your original plans...

sometimes, places you think maybe you'd be better off not to go. But when you commit your heart to the journey you find peace and adventure in these unexpected places and your eyes slowly open to the reasons your guide is taking you down this road, and you are open to and grateful for His direction and couldn't imagine your journey any other way.
We can choose to travel with joyful hearts full of praise or bitter hearts full of complaining. Choose joy, and find the blessings in your journey today.

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