Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Giving Up On Your Dreams

With all the hardships we've encountered over the past couple years (and really they must seem so trivial compared to what some go through) there have also been many blessings. We've had lessons in what is really important, started to learn to let go of the small things that don't matter, and even though we strive to live a simple life, and save money where we can, we've learned things can be stretched a lot further than we ever thought possible. The most important lesson though was the reminder that God loves us, we can rely on Him and He will always be there for us.

We've been recharged through these hardships. We had given up on the plan we thought God had for our lives because we couldn't see it coming to fruition, but He used these times to show us what He's capable of, and what we're capable of when we have Him behind us.

We were living in a stagnant pool, waiting for God to change things. We were wrong in our thinking that once we reached our goal, then things would change. We were beginning to rot as we waited. We didn't realize that we could prepare ourselves and our hearts for that life now, or that we could find joy in the journey of getting there. We didn't realize how much our lives could change now while we were waiting for our destination.

I wonder how many of us Christians live life that way? Waiting for heaven, believing in our salvation but being stagnant and rotting in our circumstances in our lives here and now. Thinking, oh well, heaven will be better. We forget that we can have a piece of heaven here on earth. That we can love and learn and grow and be a light to others as we move through this journey of life.
So here we are now, wiping off the stagnant muddy water, as we take some baby steps towards our destination, and who knows, maybe others will be intrigued and decide to take the journey too. :)

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