Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Prayer Request Update


Though a lot has been happening since I wrote last there hadn't been much progress with moving or anything. We now have 2 days to give our notice so that we're into another place before baby arrives, otherwise we'll have to wait a few months so we're not moving while I'm in labor or have a baby a few weeks old to drag through the process.
I have been searching for rentals daily, and there was nothing the size our family needs in our price range, let alone in the location we needed. It was beginning to look like we would never find anything. Then, a week ago we found a place that seemed to fit. It's an old run down home, but with big open living space inside that would suit us great. There's a large yard and mature fruit trees. Even a swing hanging from the branch of giant old maple. There were downfalls too, it would only be for 2-3 years, it has single pane windows (heating the place would cost a fortune and there would always be a draft), far from family my husbands work and where we wanted to be, but it still felt like it would work. Then the day we made the decision that this would be the place I checked the rental ads one last time...my grandparents old home, the property that I grew up on, the place across the road from my husbands work, where I still knew all the neighbors, close to our church, close to friends and family was available for rent. Is this a sign that this is the place or is it an attempt to turn us away from making the right decision? Is it even an option? I go to see the place today and ask a few more questions and then if the landlord agrees to rent to us, we would have to make a decision tonight! So God has blessed us with options, as much as the options seem to make things harder right now. He is teaching us wisdom in all this and we just hope we get the lesson and make the right choice. Prayers for an easy move regardless of where we end up would be much appreciated.

Our landlords grandson is doing great. His weight is way up and last I heard (which was a while ago) he was close to ready to go home! He is without doubt a miracle and blessing to this world and his family. Thank you for your prayers for this little guy!

In all this packing and running around and trying to find a place, my big growing belly is starting to take a toll on me. I'm due July 31st but the way I've been feeling I'm worried this little one may well make an appearance ahead of schedule. I try to take it easy as much as I can, but you can only take things so easy when your packing up a house with 4-5 little girls running around to look after. Prayers for a safe end of this pregnancy would mean a lot, thanks everyone!

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  1. Glad to see (read) how the Lord is providing for you guys! Feel free to link up to my Prayer Wall that way it could possibly spread the prayer request even more. I'll be praying for you though! Blessings friend.