Monday, March 5, 2012

The Crumpled Crown

*Warning: Mature subject matter*

This topic may be taboo to you, or you may think your daughter understands the importance of saving her "crown" for marraige, but does she really? Does she fully understand the consequences her actions might have if she doesn't? Does your son understand the the true gift of waiting for that one special crown?


Once upon a time in a land much like the one you live in, was born a precious baby girl. The moment she was born into this world she was also blessed with a special present. Her parents kept this gift safe for her, until she was old enough to care for it herself.
When the girl grew to a young woman, her parents revealed to her this special gift. It was a beautiful crown encrusted with sparkling jewels and it shone like the summer sun. "This is a precious gift," her parents told her. "It is now being entrusted to you to keep safe, and it will one day be a gift you can share with your husband". The young woman was very excited to one day share this gift.

Sometime later the girl met a young man. "Surely," she thought, "this man will be my husband one day."
So she pulled out her special crown to show him. After he was done admiring the crown she went to put it back in the box, but noticed that it was no longer shining, it looked dull and scuffed up. She quickly put it back in the box, a little ashamed that she hadn't waited until their wedding day to reveal it, but that wedding day never came.

Some time later she met another young man. "Surely," she thought, "this man will be my future husband" Once again she pulled out her crown to show the man she believed would be the one. He took it from her but showed it no care. When he was done looking at it he threw it down beside him. The young woman quickly picked it up and rushed it back to the box, only this time she noticed that one of the fine jewels had fallen off when the young man had discarded it. Again, the guilt well up inside her. She found the jewel and placed it back in the box with the dull and broken crown. Surely, this was not the husband for her.

Again, a time later she met yet another young man. She knew he was not the one for her, but by this time her crown was already ruined so she decided to show it to him too. It was looked at many times by him, but each time she put it back in the box it was a little less beautiful.
By the time she was once again alone, her crown was bent, broken, and missing many jewels. It didn't matter anymore though, she couldn't fix it and not one of the young men seemed to care that the crown wasn't as beautiful as it once was. She prayed that one day she would find a young man who cared as much about her crown as she once had.

Then, some time later, she met another man. He made her feel loved in a way she had never known. She felt safe, cared for, and happy. She knew this was the man that she would marry. She thought about showing him her special crown, and then recalled all the bends and breaks and missing jewels. How could she share it with him, what would he think? This was supposed to be a gift only for him, but she had shared it with others, and now it was not the same. What would he think when she gave him her special crown? She felt so ashamed.

On their wedding day they experienced pure joy as they were married in front of their friends and family, holding hands all the day, and smiling and laughing together. She would never forget it, but then came the time they were alone, and she was to give him the crown. She meekly got the crown from the box, and placed it on his head. She looked at him as he smiled, and she began to cry. "I'm so sorry," she sobbed, "I've ruined it, it's hideous, oh I'm so sorry!" He put his arms around her and held her close. "It's beautiful," he smiled "and it will only get better." Though she was happy he found it so beautiful, she was still ashamed each time she took it out of the box for them to share. Yet through the years, he loved and cared for the crown like no one ever had. He welded the cracks together, fixed the bends, and replaced the jewels bit by bit, and each time he went to put the crown away, he was careful to polish it, so that it would always shine. Parts of her crown would never be the same, the scars of careless use would be there forever, but from now on and forever, it would be loved, appreciated and cared for, and it would be his alone.

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  1. so beautiful! thank you for sharing!

  2. What a beautifully illustrated testament of the redeeming power of love!! Thank you so much for sharing your heart!

  3. This is very good. Looking forward to reading more posts!

  4. If you are teaching a girl to save herself for marriage you better make sure you are also teaching her to save herself for somebody who has also saved himself for marriage. Women always carry the purity cross but maybe its time to pass it on to the men. Otherwise we are just being sexist, hypocritical and shaming. Please write a story as to why boys/men should also save their crown.

    1. I absolutely agree, however, as I've never been a man I don't feel I have enough understanding to deal with that issue from a man's point of view. I believe though a mother should talk to her son about these things, the father has a better understanding of what the son is going through and how to address the topic with him in a way he is more likely to understand.