Thursday, January 12, 2012

Homeschool Schedule


Well it seems that I have managed to find yet another PERFECT schedule for my 9 year olds homeschooling. Just in time too as it's time to start thinking about what I'm going to do next year for my soon to be kindergartner and preschooler, and how to keep a one year old busy while taking care of a newborn, oops, did I just let the cat out of the bag with that one ;)

Since He's been on me to start Priority Living and I still have not gotten my daily list done, I'm grateful that He's given me insight into how to organize my daughters homeschool, because putting chaos on myself is one thing, but putting the chaos on my kids is a whole other story.

Since implementing it my daughter has without even being asked gotten on her homeschooling (every subject) with no whining, and earlier than ever before, and is so happy and eager to do it. Wow, listening to God really does work! Who knew? ;)

We now follow a three day rotating schedule with time limits for each subject. Each day must be completed before moving onto the next day which means she doesn't get day 3 if she doesn't finish her other days, (can you say motivation?) here it is:

Day 1

  • Bible 30

  • Language Arts 30

  • Math 45

  • Socials 45

  • Art 30

  • PE 30

  • Piano 30 (Lesson and Exercises)

  • Reading 30 (Current novel study, or book I've chosen)

Day 2

  • Bible 30

  • Language Arts 30

  • Math 45

  • Science 45

  • Health 30

  • PE 30

  • Piano 30 (Exercises and Book music she's learning)

  • Reading 30 (Same as Day 1)

Day 3

  • Character Building 30 (We read Beautiful Girlhood or do Polished Cornerstones activities)

  • Mapping 20

  • Math Games 30-45

  • PE 30

  • Free Reading 30 (book of her choice)

  • Free Learning 1 hr (Study any topic of her choice, right now she's chosen birds of prey and has learned more on her own in 1 week than we have in anything else for the year)

  • Free Piano 30 (She can plunk around to her hearts content, but she usually tries learning other songs by ear)

There it is in all it's glory and simplicity, and it's made a world of difference. During each subject there is a corresponding checklist that tells my daughter exactly what needs to be done next. When each task is done it's checked off and she moves on to the next activity. If she doesn't finish it in that time frame, she picks up where she left off the next day, easy as that. I have a checklist for each subject for each term.

Here's an example of what the checklists look like. This one's not quite finished.

There it is, the little life saver God threw me. I don't expect that this will work for everyone, or that it will even work for all my children, but it works perfectly for her. There's no more "Mom what do I do next?" or frantic night before planning, it's all there, ready to go, and it still pretty much follows the priority living idea that He gave me, Thanks God!

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  1. I always enjoy visiting the blog of homeschool moms. I have a 2 year old and we are thinking of heading that direction. Continuing to pray and see what God's Word says to us. I'm glad you found an idea that worked in your home and schedule. Maybe it will benefit someone else! He sure is full of good ideas, isn't He? :)
    Visiting from Heart for Home. Peace.