Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Do You Value Children?

Such a great article, I highly recommend you take the time to read it, or even skim if time is short, and share your comments or opinions with me, because I KNOW you will all have an opinion on this topic.

The Value of Children <-------Click Here to Read Article

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  1. I did skim it, I will go back later when I have more time. This is near and dear to our hearts as God changed our hearts and minds regarding children.

    After four children, my husband was sterilized. Three years later he had it reversed and one year after that our 5th child was born. We are expecting again and are so grateful and excited. God has been so merciful to us even though we initially threw His blessing of fertility back at Him.

    While we are happily awaiting our current little blessing, I am terrified to tell my parents. They thought four were more than enough, five made my Dad very angry (although he loves our little boy, too) and now six will certainly make both of them annoyed and angry. They, while believers, are typical of baby boomers and think that two children are perfect. I suspect that my Dad would think one is even better! I would guess that if my husband and I were wealthy my Dad would be less upset. I really think that health concerns aside (I was 36 when our last baby was born and he thought I was dangerously old)it comes down to cost for him. I find this very sad yet know that only God can change his mind.

    Funny how hard it is to disappoint your parents, no matter how old you become.

  2. Oh how I understand. Our family (well my side anyway) are very much against us having children, and literally screamed at me about it during my last pregnancy, and they are all believers. I really struggle with how believers can deny that all children come from God and that none are here by mistake. I also don't understand how they can't comprehend that God provides all our needs, and that if He chooses to bless us with these children, He will also provide us with the means to care for them. I mean, we read the same Bible. I know it comes from a place of fear, and they think they are loving us, but fear is not from God, and all their praying that these children will stop coming isn't changing things.