Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I should not watch the news, I knew there was a reason I stopped, and I need to again. I just heard about a mother driving her minivan into the Hudson River with her four precious children inside...with God's four precious children inside.

I pictured the faces of my four sweet little girls and burst into tears. I'm speechless at the thought of a mother doing that to her children, how lost and hurting she must have been. I wish time could have been reversed, I wish there could have been a way to help her, to save those children, to offer some kind of hope, to have those children here, safe and sound in my own arms.

A lesson for me today to love my children more, to hug my children more, to connect with my children more, and to be a constant light in their life. They are my most precious gift and most sacred responsibility.

A lesson also, to be there for other mothers, to offer them help when things seem to be getting tough, and to ask for it if things get too tough for me.

I pray for those children, I pray for the mother, I pray for the little boy who survived and now has to live with this. I pray for mothers everywhere, I pray for community and compassion for them. I pray this never has to happen again.


  1. I do know what to say, was it a accident, or did the mother drove her children in on purpose?

    Either way, it's so sad!

  2. They're saying she drove off on purpose. It was off a pier. I feel most sad for that little boy who escaped and has to remember this for the rest of his life, but clearly God is not through with him, and who knows what good might come from this. God can use all things for good.