Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Simply This....

I had a dream last night that I was giving my testimony in Church. The sum of my testimony was simply this:

I have lived most of my life for me, following my own path, following the path others or society said I should take, or following the path that I thought would bring me the most of what I thought I needed or wanted.

God brought my husband and I to a place some time ago where we now see the importance of following God's path and not our own. It can be a scary path to take at times, especially when you feel like your all alone on that path, and no one understands you.

In my dream I was reminded of the image of the footprints in the sand. You're walking, and suddenly you realize you're not walking alone, and there are another set of footprints walking beside you. Then I noticed something else in my dream. Jesus footprints were beside me, yes, but my footprints were not marking out a new path in the sand. They were the footprints of a child walking in big footprints that were already there. They were walking in the footsteps that her Father had already laid out for her. There was no need for fear or worry. The path was already there, God knew where it lead, and as my Father, He would not lead me anywhere that I need to be afraid to go. I wasn't walking into the unknown, and I wasn't walking alone, for God sent His son to walk beside me, and hold my hand through it all.

When I think of following God's path now, I will always picture my dream, and the little feet of a child happily skipping into the footprints laid out by her Father, and never alone.

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  1. Now I see your post!!!

    What a lovely testimony, funny I wrote mine not too long ago :-)

    How are you and your family doing???

  2. We're doing great. Hubby is back to work, and I'm officially due today!! Which probably means at least another week, he he. My doctor and I were really praying she would be here for the delivery but she leaves for vacation in a couple days, don't know if it will happen. How are you guys doing?