Thursday, December 16, 2010

Learning Patience with Salt Dough Ornaments

This past week the girls and I tried our hands at making salt dough ornaments. I never made them growing up, but always thought they looked like fun....and they were!

Miss Lee, still in her jammies, making the ornament shapes (7:00am)

Pash pretending to make ornaments with her play dough.

Ready for the oven. We followed our recipe and set the oven at about 170 degrees. Our recipe said it would take about 4 hours for them to bake, and we were very excited to paint them.....

Eight hours later, the ornaments were still a bit doughy. I turned the oven up a bit and baked them a little longer, about another hour or two.

Two days later we finally got around to painting them. I think I had more fun with that than the kids did.

Mommy's are on the left, Lee Lee's in the middle and La La's are on the right.

The ornament day didn't turn out quite as we hoped, but God did teach us a lesson in patience that day, and the final product and fun we had together was most definitely worth the wait.

If I had taken the time to research I would have found most other recipes called for higher cooking temps, and had some other great tips and advice too. Maybe I should have taken more time to look into it, or maybe using the recipe we did, and just having patience resulted in the better end product...only God knows.

What are your favorite kind of homemade ornaments?

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  1. Cute project! I also love those gingerbread cookie ornaments. Anything homemade makes a tree look so special!