Thursday, December 2, 2010

Date Night With God

Hubby and I have had the very rare privilege lately of having a date night. We were able to go out to the movies together (how this was managed in a time when we literally don't have money for food I have no idea, but somehow, strangely it worked out) and enjoy some time together away from the kiddo's. Time alone together is something I think is much needed in any marriage. Even more needed is time together with God. This is somewhere we fall short, well, anything "together" seems to be somewhere we fall short.

Hubby decided we were going to read the bible together this morning, for the first time in a long time. That was not what I had in mind, I had dishes to do, I was babysitting, Lee Lee needed her school work set up...I had more important things to do at that moment...more important than connecting with my husband and God. :(

I did it, but I didn't enjoy it. I was distracted by playing screaming children, and constant requests from little mouths. I wouldn't have known how to get past that and connect, even if I did want to. I am very easily distracted by responsibilities and obligations...let me correct that, I am very easily distracted by "thinking about" responsibilities and obligations.

I know my husband and I need this time together, much more than we needed the movie night. How do I learn to enjoy this, and how do I learn to push past "little" distractions and selfish desires.

Amos 3:3
Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

We need to agree to do this, we need to agree on the direction we're going, we need to agree that God is the direction we're headed and we need to walk that path together.
If there's problems along the way, we both just need to aim ourselves back towards God, and we'll soon find ourselves on the same path again.

Do you and your husband have bible time together? What kinds of things do you do during your time together with God?....Pray, Read scripture, read other Christian books, listen to Christian music?
I would love if you shared some of your ideas, it would help my husband and I build up our special time with God......
....and if you don't currently have that with your husband, why don't you take up this challenge with me and start by devoting one night a week to a date night with your husband, one night a week to spending the evening on a date together....with God!

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  1. How sweet of your husband taking time to want to lead you spiritually, this is a huge blessing!

    After each meal my husband will read the bible for us, we pray before the meal and spend time in prayer after he read the bible and then we sing a few songs and hymns.

    I also teach the bible to our girls (Scripture memory and bible stories)and making them learn songs like Jesus loves me in signs language.

    I try to have personal alone time in prayer and reading the bible but it's hard to do with 3 very little one, but I know that doing it with them as a family is beneficial for all of us:-)

    Thanks for sharing this post!

  2. Jessica, so nice to be able to spend time alone with your husband.

    My husband and I usually have devotions in the morning with our children. We pray, sing, and share a lesson from the Bible and a book. We are currently going through a book, entitled "Wisdom with the Millers." It's a book for younger children in story format guided by the principles in Proverbs.

    Thanks for linking up today. Pass by soon.