Saturday, November 13, 2010

Laundry with kids, and learning to be happy with my ugly laundry room!

More on laundry, because it's just my favorite thing in the whole world!! (in case you don't know, I'm being sarcastic).

I had a very cute moment with my 3 year old the other day, so cute to me in fact, I'm going to show you the ugly chaotic disaster that is my laundry room, just to share a photo of her cuteness.

My little La La decided she was going to help mommy sort the laundry! Good job kiddo, cause mommy can use all the help she can get! I showed her how the laundry basket was separated into 3 sections, and showed her what kind of clothes went into each. Those labels on the basket have been on there for years, somehow with her helping I don't think they're going to last much longer.

No worries kiddo, mommy runs out of there as soon as she can too

It was so sweet seeing her so eager to help, and doing such a great job at it. I think she will be my little laundry helper from now on.

Now what about another photo of the disaster that is my laundry room. No, the floor is not swept, yes there are piles upon piles of laundry to do, yes that garbage can is overflowing. At least that bucket is the homemade detergent I made, see I've put some effort into laundry! I find it so hard to want to be in this little cubby for more than 2 seconds. I don't know what I can do to pretty it up. We rent so I can't do much to it. *sigh* Any ideas would be wonderful!

I used to have beautiful laundry rooms to do laundry in. I wasted those rooms. I still didn't keep on top of the laundry (well, does walking on it = keeping on top of it? *snicker*).

I believe God has taken away that privilege until I learn to just do it. How can we learn to be happy with more, if we can't be happy with what we have right? Maybe one day I will get a beautiful laundry room back. Until then, I'm still grateful to have more than a lot of people have, and I will learn to be happy doing laundry and to be happy with my quaint little laundry room and make the most of it.

Speaking of laundry are a couple that would make my wish list!

I love the look of this top one
Love the space to organize in this laundry/sewing room combo below!

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  1. Wow those are GORGEOUS laundry room!

  2. Jessica I am in the same boat!! Ugly ugly laundry room located in the basement. It looks a lot like yours. I have a lot of ugliness in this house and I don't like it, but I've prayed and prayed for a nicer house, and the Lord keeps me here. So, I learn contentment.

    I love your blog!!

  3. I would be discouraged going into this room to do a job I don't really enjoy doing. I'm wondering if maybe the Lord is trying to grow you in creativity as well as contentment? Is there any way you can hang a curtain rod above all that mess behind the washer and dryer? Some pretty curtains would brighten the room, and maybe a nice rug in front of the dryer.

  4. I came across your blog through Raising Homemakers Link-up. I felt compelled to leave a comment, because I have a horrible laundry room situation. My laundry room actually doubles as my entryway! EVERYONE who visits me and our home wants to come through the side door near the driveway. No one wants to use the beautiful walkway to the grand front entrance. So, anyone and everyone who comes to my house sees my laundry mess, followed by the dishes soaking in my sink. I don't know how to "pretty it up", because you can't decorate with piles of laundry. But as a family of five, there is always laundry to be done, and our laundry room has a very busy, lived-in look to it. Your post has inspired me to consider better organization strategies to keep things tidier, so that my home feels more hospitable (although I never let laundry or dishes keep me from having company).

  5. I have tried the curtain thing, but all I had was a childish shower curtain to use. Also, because of where I was able to hang it, it made the room feel even smaller, so I took it down. (Besides, it always made me wonder what was happening behind the curtain (spiders and insects, ick). I do love to use my creativity, but I think I just kind of gave up on this room. Everything I have tried, just doesn't seem to work out for one reason or another. Probably because there's always too many piles of laundry in there to do anything "nice" with it. Once I get on the laundry I should have space to decorate.
    Randi, I can only imagine having people enter through my laudnry room! At least I might have more drive to stay on it though. My parents laundry is in their kitchen, which is also in plain view of their entrance. I know it could be worse. Your family should put a sign on the door asking people to use the other entrance.

  6. I have an unfinished-basement laundry room, too. What I did was paint it exactly my favorite shade of purple. Weird dusty pipes are not so depressing when they are your favorite color! Will your landlord let you paint?

    For that insulation/wall, I think the easiest thing to do would be to cover it with wrapping paper or fabric laid flat against it and affixed with double-stick foam tape. That leaves less cobweb space than a curtain, is quick to do, and costs almost nothing!

  7. Jessica,
    Ay out house we are in the same position as you. Our laundry room is the garage :( Would love that laudry room you showed, either actually :) Found your blog from the Blog Hop.

  8. Get In & Get Out. Regardless of what the room looks like- the laundry seems to be such a huge time sucker. Speaking of- I must get off this computer & tackle the folding myself. :)

  9. I agree with what the other poster said. A curtain behind the washer dryer would work wonders. I would make a rod from a metal conduit pipe. (very cheap at Lowes or Home Depot) and use a sheet or shower curtains to drape behind. Then you would not see the ugly wall and add some color. Then on the floor a rug. Look at the thrift stores for a rug. I got a nice indoor outdoor carpet on clearance at Target for less than $12.00. Then a small set of shelves to hold your supplies and you are ready to go.

  10. I came back to add that you could even hang a curtain with 2 small eye hooks and a wire...that would be very cheap to do if you used a sheet for a curtain.