Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Homeschool Room Tour

I did it! I think I can officially say our homeschool room is DONE....for now. ;) This is actually the biggest room in our house, but being in the basement we don't really want to use it as a bedroom for any of our little ones yet. Sooooo.....homeschool room it is! Now that it's done maybe it will inspire us to use what most of it is set up for.

View from the door.

*The green and orange totes are our workboxes that we haven't really started using yet. Still haven't decided exactly how I want to go about that.

*The whiteboard is positioned just a little too high for mommy to reach comfortably, but who says teaching is supposed to be comfortable all the time, right?

*Lee Lee's work is usually piled on the table, and that's about where it stays.

The room just needs to be vacuumed, but Mr Vacuum is broken right now. :(

* The little white table in the corner is La La's (my 3 year old). She loves doing "school" in here, which lately consists of play dough, playing with math manipulative's, and her new favorites, cutting paper, or playing with pipe cleaners.

*The dresser holds pencils, pens, blank notebooks, folders for lapbooks and magazines for cutting up, as well as some mommy specific tools.

*The easel seems to hold a work in progress right now. Every time La La runs through the room, she has to add another stroke. No she's not wearing a shirt, you're lucky she was wearing pants for this picture.

*The mat I'm hoping will be good for story/circle time type stuff, or just for floor play.

*That white poster is a food pyramid that Lee Lee made.

*Behind those curtains is a mixture of organization and chaos. One of the closet doors fell off and I can't get it back on, so...curtains it is! I have hanging organizers with all of our felts, crayons and pencil crayons in baskets, and a basket for all of our flashcards.
There is also another black stand with drawers that holds paper and other misc stuff.
AND a great big box full of stuff that I don't know where to put yet, ha.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our homeschool room. I must say I'm pretty happy to have completed it, finally!

Do you have a "school" room or are you kitchen table or around the house schoolers? I must admit, we're around the house schoolers, but mostly in this room or at the kitchen table.

Would love a tour of your "school" zone!



  1. Wow! It is beautiful.

    Can we come visit? :)


  2. this room looks like so much fun, perfect environment for learning!

  3. What a cute blog! I'm stopping by from the HHH today! ;)

    What a great school space you have! This is my 4th year to homeschool, and I just set up a schoolroom this past summer! We are loving having that designated space! Hope you enjoy your room, too! Have a great day!

  4. Yay! Great room. :) I am still trying to organize ours. We moved into this house, just a rental, in June. I am working on it pretty much every day. LOL I even have a post in the works for the before, during and after.
    I am here from Hip Homeschool Hop.

  5. Hello! Stopping by from the HHH. Your homeschool room is great! I love how organized it is. And the little corner for your 3 year old is so cute. I homeschool my 5 year old daughter in Kindergarten and do simple preschool work with my 3 yr old daughter. We are expecting another girl in March too! I'm due the 31st. :o)
    I also have posted pictures of my homeschool room. Feel free to stop by.

    Just click on "homeschooling" in my categories section and you'll see posts about my homeschool room.

    This is our first year doing it and I love it!
    Nice to meet you and blessings to you!

  6. Here is mine, though we really do most schooling in the kitchen & living room, but I do still like having this space!:

  7. Love you're school rooms ladies. Given me some great idea's for mine.
    Thanks for the compliments. Sadly, I think that is going to be the only time it looks that nice. The day after it was done it was ripped apart by the kids already, lol. Ah life with little ones.

  8. When the kids were little we had an extra room to use for our homeschool room. However, it just seemed to much trouble to use it.

    So we homeschooled in the kitchen (sometimes in the living room or sunroom) and that way I could get things done while I was homeschooling (like unloading the dishwasher or folding laundry) when the kids didn't need me for the moment.

    This is my last year of homeschooling as my youngest is a senior. We do my teaching part of it in the living room, and then he usually goes into his room or the family room to do his work.

  9. I wondered that a lot when we first decided to make the homeschooling room. The first few weeks were up in the kitchen, which worked pretty good. But Lee needed to have a place that if we needed to we could keep the little kids out of, and keep quiet for her. The laundry room is down here with the homeschool room, so it keeps me on that now anyway, and there's a playroom and family room down here too. If we need to be upstairs we just grab our stuff and go up. It's nice to have somewhere to store all the stuff that goes along with homeschooling though, can't imagine where we'd put the stuff if we didn't have it.