Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Feminist Princesses!!

Have you or your daughter ever watched a Disney Princess movie? I grew up with them, and my girls have watched a ton over the years.

My husband and I have begun trying to be very careful about the movies we allow our children to watch. We believe media is very influential to a young child's (and grown ups) mind, and we've started to ween out a lot of what used to be "acceptable" in this house. When you really start thinking about what is shown in these movies, and the underlying values it's teaching (not just the ones the movie is blatantly teaching) it becomes hard not to question every movie out there. The Disney Princess movies, those are fine though...aren't they?

It's funny, because "feminists" have such strong views on the Disney princesses and how they aren't feminist enough for their young girls, but really think about what these movies are teaching our girls.

The Little Mermaid, is a girl discontent with her life, who longs for something more than what she's been raised for, who disobeys her father at every turn, and just goes after what "she" wants, regardless of the consequences....hmmm.

Belle from beauty and the beast is also discontent with her "simple" life, it's not enough for her. She wants more than to just be a wife and mother and live simply.

What about Jasmine? Again, a young woman who disobeys her father, goes against what she's been taught, and brought up to believe, because she wants things done her way.
Also, look at the picture above, and ask yourself the question of their motherly influence? Weird hey? (Just an observation)

Yes overall these movies characters are sweet, and kind, and appropriate, but how are our daughters really viewing them, and what lessons are they really learning?

I challenge you to examine the movies you allow your children to watch, and really question what your children are getting out of them.


  1. Amen to that! Excellent post. I whole heartedly agree. Movies/shows have a tremendous influence on children. Parents ned to really make sure that what their child is watching is what they what to put in their head (and heart).

  2. I agree it`s very difficult to find GOOD movies