Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Should kids be left to be kids?

I've been thinking on this topic for days. You always hear the old "Let them be kids" and "Let them enjoy their childhood" Well, can't children enjoy their childhood while still learning how to properly be an adult?

I'm not saying make your child act like a grown up, and send them off to the office or something, but I think we need to expect our children to learn to be responsible, and respectful, and how to properly function in society.

Children nowadays are being left to their own. They're expected to spend their days finding something to do to entertain themselves. They are being taught that "entertainment" is the way of life. Parents want time to do their own work, or time for themselves, so they're sending their kids off to deal with things on their own and no one is learning to work together. Actually, no one is learning to work, period.

Parents find it easier to do it on their own, so aren't teaching the next generation. Parents want their children to just enjoy childhood, so they are learning only to enjoy life and have no concept of work. What's going to happen when these kids get a little older, and suddenly the parents expect them to help out around the house? "No way", these kids will think. "I've spent the last 12 years doing what I want and having fun, how can you expect me to change that now"?

I'm starting to see the importance of involving our young ones from the earliest age possible in working with the family. Obviously chores must be age appropriate, but children need to learn that in life, there is work, and there is play, and in order to get to the play, certain responsibilities must be attended to first, and that by using this structure, rest and play will be even more enjoyable.

I think we need to get back to having our children work alongside us, so that families can get back to being families, and that our children are not brought up learning to live in their flesh. Our kids are not being taught how to work for a family, and they're not being taught how to behave like proper christians in every situation, if they're not beside you able to watch you model the behaviour.
If you're anything like me, and have been left to "be a kid" most of your life, you know the pain this can cause when you suddenly have a family of your own that needs caring for, and you don't know how not to be a kid yourself?

These are just some of the ramblings going through my head on this topic. What are your thoughts on this subject?

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  1. I am in complete agreement with you. Childhood is wonderful and beautiful, but it is also a time for training kids up to be respectable adults!!

  2. Very true. They need to be able to play and have free imaginative time, but they need to learn to be responsible for themselves and help their family and others.

  3. Thanks for agreeing ladies (and for being my first comments! yay, he he).
    Question: Where do you think the balance is in this? That is another thing I've been struggling with. Yes I know my children need to be involved, and help with the family, but how much time should our children be commiting to this vs play, and how much of their play should be alone or with mom and dad?

  4. What a great post!!!! Well said! It's never too early to create good habits.

    Here is a link to a very good ebook (45 pages) on how to create good habit and positive habit training, I LOVED it! it's base on Charlotte Mason education philosophy


    I have to go my little one are up from their naps, I really enjoy you blog btw :-)
    Many blessing!