Saturday, October 16, 2010

Husband Loving...

I was organizing the labels on my blog yesterday, putting them into a few categories instead of the 100 that there were, among them I made a "Husband Loving" label. I was so ashamed that I had nothing to put into that heading. My husband comes up in my posts, but I don't often write about how to properly love my husband, honestly, I don't even think about it much. I'm so wrapped up in taking care of the kids, and cleaning and cooking and homeschooling, and this and that, my husband, the person who (other than God) should come first in my life, is being put aside. I'm sorry sweetie. :(
So if I have nothing to write about on how to love our husbands, maybe I can share with you from people I'm learning from. I just found this post today, and boy did it come with perfect timing. Gee, I wonder who's timing that was?

If you have a husband, it's well worth the read, and no, it's not about food. ;)

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