Saturday, October 23, 2010

The devil Made Laundry!!

Do you remember me telling you a long time ago, that I'm going to tell you truths about who I am? No? Well I did, in The Blessing of Honesty.

It's been a while since I've shared something truly personal I think, so, I'm going to air my dirty laundry.

I DESPISE LAUNDRY!! (and dishes for that matter).

I'm sure you're all saying, "Who doesn't" but, I bet you all still get yours done. I have piles, and piles and piles at all times. Then I have piles and piles of clean laundry waiting to be folded, because I don't like to do that either.

Don't even get me started on the dishes, I hate washing dishes by hand so much that I'll run them through our dishwasher, (which doesn't work most of the time by the way), over and over again, just to avoid having to do them myself.

So why do I hate laundry so? The devil created laundry! Yep, you heard me, if not for the fall of man, which was provoked by the devil, we wouldn't even have realized we were naked, and so, there would be no laundry. Yep that's my logic. No it's not correct, yes, man chose for themselves to disobey God, and no the devil had no real power over that, but still, it's nice to blame it on someone.

Regardless, with my logic, I'm still letting the devil win. If the devil put this barrier in my life, and I'm the one letting it get in the way of the important things in my life, I'm still at fault. I can't blame anyone for my laziness, or for having too many clothes in the first place. I need to move past, and take responsibility for this and just do it, or, the devil wins....and I'm not going to let him create laundry, AND win the battle over it. Nope no more, I am determined to be a pain in the butt and fight back. God made me stubborn and feisty for a reason, I've just been using it for all the wrong reasons.

My truth: I hate laundry, but I'm blessed to have so many people in my life who help create that laundry. The least I can do is take care of it for them.
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  1. I hear ya... The piles of laundry clean or otherwise are constantly taking over...leaving me overwhelmed and uninspired....and I often just close the door and run. Thanks for the pep talk...I'll keep trying if you will

  2. I used to struggle miserably with laundry. This post brings back images of walking on piles in the bathroom... UGH! I finally learned to start involving my young 'uns and now I am SO glad that I did! We have 10 children ages 14 months to 26 years (9 still at home). We have assigned days, and assigned partners. I only do laundry one day a week (though I do wash cloth diapers every 2 days). I hope this gives you some hope! I remember being discouraged and thinking "it is always going to be this way!"

  3. Brooke, you're on!
    Great idea! I can't wait for all my girls to be old enough to help out with the laundry. My 3 year old and 1 year old unfortunately find it much more fun to take apart all the laundry mommy has already folded. :S I will have to get my 8 year old in the laundry room with me though. She's an amazing little folder!

  4. I agree... with 2 school aged boys I feel the need to gown up like an astronaut in a biohazard suit just to sort the stuff anymore. Yuck! Just the smell sometimes... guh. So they get to sort and sometimes I make them put it in the washer if I don't have the courage or intestinal fortitude to lay hands on the stuff. I call it Mt. Washmore. And sometimes it truly is a climb to get to the top. But when it's done, I wave my freak flag high atop the folded stacks of mountain-fresh scented goodness... then I make those same boys put it all away (well except mine... they aren't allowed near my drawers... either kind.)

  5. I laugh so hard reading this post! You are adorable!!!

    Why was I laughing because I wrote a post not long ago about why I LOVE doing laundry LOL

    WE should live closer I bet I would love helping you out :-)

  6. I think I read that post. Boy I wish I could embrace a love for laundry like you, lol. For now I will just embrace a love for my family and their need for clean clothes! ;)