Friday, February 19, 2010

When life gives you lemons....

When life gives you lemon's, make lemonade.

How many lemons do we really receive each day? Is being late a lemon? Is your kid screaming and acting up all day a lemon? Is losing your job a lemon? Only if we look at it as a lemon. If we take that lemon though and imagine it's future potential, the possibilities are endless. Type in lemon recipes in google images. Outcome looks pretty stinkin good hey?? Now imagine what God can do with the lemons in our life. We can't even begin to imagine what He has planned for us.

So when life gives you lemon's, add some sugar (positive thinking), and a whole lot of water (God) and you'll get something wonderful and new!

With even one of these things missing though the recipe is not the same.

Have God in you life but continue to complain about your lemons, you just get lemon water, still good for you, but not as enjoyable. (something I've been struggling with a lot over the past couple weeks).

Take God out of the equation, and maybe you might learn to enjoy it, but it will always feel like something is missing.

Now take out the lemons. We still have our sugar (positive thinking) and our water (God). That should be enough shouldn't it? That should work. Wouldn't that be wonderful? To have a life, free of lemons, and just positive thinking and God, sugar and water, sugar water??...hmm. Still not appealing?
What are you pushing past, what are you overcoming? Lemon's are the flavor in our life, they add excitement, and challenges, they are what help to change us into the person that God want's us to be.

So, when life gives you lemons, you can make yourself lemonade and that would be great. OR you can give those lemon's to the master chef, God, who has ALL the ingredients, and see what He comes up with for you!

Post Reused October 6th 2010 For the homemaking linkup over at the wonderful "Raising Homemakers"

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