Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Time well spent

I am so disgusted at the time I've wasted in my life. All the time of laziness, all the time of selfishness. I remember some time ago coming to this realization. I also remember writing about this very topic on here before too. BUT IT'S SO IMPORTANT! I only have a short time on this planet to live for God, and enjoy in the people I care about, and I've wasted so much of it. I literally had a panic attack at the thought of wasting so much of my life. But here I am again, going over the same lesson. Please no panic attack this time God.

I procrastinated on everything in life, leaving it to the very last minute before getting it done. (I even won an award for procrastination in school). What was I wasting my time doing? Thinking about me. I partied lots as a single mom, when I should have been more focused on the biggest blessing God had given me. When I think of all the time and money I wasted with bars and clubs, with what I thought was "fun." (thank you Lord that I'm so over that!) I could have and should have been cuddling my sweet child or put the money towards things she needed.

I wasted time on me, plain and simple. Try to think of time you've wasted. How often have you wasted time by focusing on someone else?

We are so careful not to be wasteful nowadays, and we're being cautious about being wasteful with everything but our time.

Let me give it to you straight here folks. We don't have a lot of time! I doubt a lot of us are living it the way God wants us to. Are you listening to Him? Have you asked Him what He wants you to be doing? Even if you can't hear Him right now, I bet you can figure it out.

Here are some things people spend time doing. Go through the list and see if you can pick out which ones God would rather have you spend your time doing.

*Watch TV
*Check Facebook
*Play with your kids
*Wash the dishes
*Hold your spouses hand
*Go out partying
*Organize a fundraiser
*Take a homeless person out for lunch
*Travel for fun
*Travel for mission work
*Be bitter
*Talk about yourself
*Talk about God
*Be thankful
*Read to your kids
*Spend time with God

We have a full life to live doing good deeds, living our purpose and loving others. How many blessings have we missed because of time we've wasted?

I don't even get to finish this today, because I decided to spend time on facebook first, and I've run out of time.
Thank you God for all the time you've blessed me with! Help me to use it wisely.

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