Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finding Comfort in Others

I feel I should share a bit more on how these posts come about. It usually starts with a whole bunch of thoughts and ideas I want to share from previous days, or even that day. Amazing things that have been happening to me and my family, wonderful things that God has revealed to me, very few of these ever make it into my posts.
When I sit down in front of the screen, and stare at the blank space, usually a word or phrase will pop into my head. Often I will "google" it in relation to God, and find some beautiful pictures, or amazing stories that will trigger something in me, and give me a whole new realization that I had never been aware of before. Usually, it inspires something in me, and I begin to write about that and end up completely led down a different path by the end of the post. Though each time, God teaches me something.
The word given to me today was comfort. I looked for a photo relating to it, and found a beautiful one of Jesus hugging a child. The story with the photo however, was more beautiful still. Today I'm not learning through my own realizations from God, but from other's realizations through Him. This story is a beautiful one, and one I needed to hear.

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