Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Blessing of Time

I've been spending a lot of my time lately 'taking time,' taking time to rest, taking time to heal, taking time to sleep, taking time to feed the baby. Regardless of what I was taking time to do, I was taking that time away from other areas that I normally would be giving time to. Yes after a baby there are things that you truly need to take time for, and a lot more of your time has to be given to the baby. Even when you think you have this whole kid thing down, you find yourself having to completely reorganize your time with every new arrival.
I'm beginning to see time like money, the less I have, the more carefully I have to use it, and the happier and more aware I become. (Yes, happier with less time and less money, strange hey?)

When you have a limited amount of money, you are more careful in how you spend it. You think more about your needs, what's most important to spend that small amount of money on. In thinking this way you begin to realize what you're true needs are. That movie, takeout, and new outfit seem completely unimportant when you're faced with having no food or shelter if you spend you're money unwisely.

The same can be said for time. When you're out of time, the things that are truly important become blatantly clear. Are you going to regret not spending more time on facebook, or watching TV, or having me time? Of course not. We will regret not spending more time with our families, and we will very likely regret not spending more time working on the lessons God is trying to teach us, and working on our relationship with Him.

Each and every day we are blessed with awakening to, we are given 24 hours. That's it 24. We fill these hours with sleep, eating, working, taking time for ourselves, watching TV, checking our facebook....and countless other unimportant things. What is our time truly worth spending on? How would we divide our time if we only had 24 hours left? What is most important to you?

God has given us a very limited amount of time and a multitude of ways to make that time worth every minute. With our time, as with our money, we can use what we have for ourselves, or we can give what we have to help others and glorify God.
My prayer today is that we will see the difference between wants and needs, learn to give more, and make the most out of what He has blessed us with.

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  1. I am so happy at what he acomplishes in you he has gifted you greatly with words and has gifted me with you.

    i love you