Wednesday, October 14, 2009


There's 4 days left until my due date, and we are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of this little one. Apparently God is trying to teach me patience right now. Trying to teach a sleep deprived hormonal pregnant woman 4 days from her due date patience is quite a comical concept to me, but I've got to try. I'm hoping this lesson doesn't last past my due date, but I guess if it's patience He's trying to teach me, then it very likely will. I know the reward in the end will be so much more wonderful after the wait though.

I have also had the feeling lately that I'm being told to focus on being an amazing mom. I had a dream the other night that I was being told about how we cannot do it all. We cannot take on the world and expect to excel at everything. We can do good or okay at lots of things, but in order to excel and be outstanding in an area we need to put things aside (in my dream this was a new business or some type of work I was doing) and focus on the one that we want to make the biggest impact on. In my dream it was made very clear that it was my children and being a super mom that I was to focus on and excel in, and that I needed to put everything else aside to study that.
It was a strange dream, because I'm not focusing on work or career at the moment, but I have let my mind wander to these things quite a bit lately trying to think of ways to help our family financially, and things I'd like to pursue some day. I don't think God wants that for me right now, or maybe ever. He wants me to focus on these children that He has blessed us with. He wants me to raise them in a way that is pleasing to Him. He wants me to prepare them for all He has in store for them. This is to be my focus, this is to be where I will learn to excel. For this I will need to learn a LOT more patience (ha ha, yes God I get the importance of the patience lesson now). I will need to learn not to get snappy in the morning if things aren't running smoothly, I will need to focus on helping them learn to be the people God wants them to be, and how to listen to Him to know what that is.
So instead of focusing on possible business ventures, craft projects, cooking, canning and every other little thing that flies through my head, I will focus on what I need to do to raise them in God's way, and to start with, I will learn to be patient! Lord help me!

A funny side note: There's a parenting course starting at our church this week, lol. Coincidence? I think Godincidence!

Homework: Are you excelling at the right thing? Figure out what God wants you to excel at and pray that He will guide you through the steps you need to become amazing in that field!

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