Thursday, September 24, 2009

Past lessons....Simplified (Review of Aug/sept 09)

I've sat in front of this screen quite a few times since my last post, waiting to hear what I should write, too tired to hear the answer if there was one. I knew though, that I was meant to go through and review what He had been telling me up until this point.
I've been forgetting a lot of what I'm meant to be working on, and I know He won't give me more until I get working on those. So here (even if it's just for me) is an easy summary and review of the steps God wants us to be taking, and the path He wants us on...Simplified!!
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  • Dance with God: Allow God to take the lead in your life and direct you where HE wants you to go. Follow His GuiDANCE.

  • Shut you off to hear Him: Simplify your life to allow more time to focus on and listen to God, and less time to have to focus on worldly distractions and stresses. (ie: TV, computer, 5 page “to do” lists, a million activities).

  • Again…Simplify. Examine your life, and let God show you what you need to focus on. Cut out anything unnecessary to make time for those things and God.

    -Our family wants to work on the following.
    -Pray and listen to what God wants you to do
    -Eat dinner with your family
    -Talk to your family and listen to them
    -Get out and play together as a family

  • Stick with it!!!! No matter how hard it gets, no matter how crumby you feel. Try to do a little bit everyday to spend time with God, and work on the goals He has set out for you. You will feel a whole lot crappier if you don’t, then if you simply act. Take that first step.

  • If God wants you to do something that is out of your comfort zone, then get uncomfortable!

  • Stop Complaining, and acknowledge your part in your unhappiness. Speak only positives, and you will begin to see only positives. God has blessed us with too much for us to be complaining.

  • Stand Strong: When you’re on the right track things will try to bring you down. Stand strong in your faith, and be persistent in keeping with the changes God is asking you to make. When in doubt, pray!

  • Love One Another: Discover what type of heart God has blessed you with, and use it for His purpose.

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