Saturday, August 15, 2009

Simply Act

It's so easy to see where we're going wrong (okay maybe not always so easy). When we open our eyes and hearts to God though, he makes things very clear to us. I've been finding so much of the same subjects I've been talking about on here. Everyone who gets close to God, seems to get the same lessons. So if everyone is getting the same lessons, and have been for hundreds of years, why have we not figured this out by now?

I think we hear the lesson, agree that yes that's something we either need to change or do more of in our life, and then fail to act. Why? These lessons are simple, what we need to do to live them is simple. What is holding us back?

Quite obviously our feelings have a lot to do with it, I'm too tired for this, I'd rather do that, it's boring, I'm too busy. We only have these excuses because because we are over complicating our lives, and making ourselves too busy with other unnecessary things. Another reason could be that we're lazy. I am no stranger to this one. I would much rather sit on the couch and check my facebook than do the dishes, and I often do. ;) How do I feel after I do this? Like complete crap. I feel great in the moment, I get to rest and do what I wanted to do but not what I needed to do. So after my wonderful time of unfulfilling nothingness, I'm guessed it, unfulfilled!

Yesterday I worked my butt off. I didn't sit down to rest, I didn't make excuses on why I should stop or save something for another day, I just did it. Everything I saw that needed doing, I did it then, and didn't put it off until later. I thought maybe I'd be worn out today (I am 30 weeks pregnant after all), but no, I feel great. A little more tired, but accomplished, and ready for more.

Putting things off = feeling crappy, guilty and unfulfilled
Acting = feeling fulfilled and happy, and confident

Why do we choose to feel crappy? Oh yes, you are choosing to feel that way every time you choose to put something off or not act.

So here's my homework for you (and me) this week: ACT!!! Figure out what you need to do and do it. Then tell me how you felt when it was finally done.

Some things are not merely a simple act. Some things will take time, persistence and determination (hmm, aren't we supposed to be working on that too)? Do it anyway, even a little bit every day, take a step and get that momentum going. I promise that you'll feel so much better than if you didn't.

I pray that all of us will find the energy, and determination to do the things God want's us to do!

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