Sunday, August 9, 2009

Simple Things

When exactly did being busy become more important than enjoying the simple little things? When did we start seeing our jobs as our lives, instead of a means to live our lives? Why do we have to have 20 different activities or projects on the go at once to feel as though we're actually being productive? Not only are we making these outside things the basis of our life, we're focusing so much on them, that we are leaving nothing of actual substance (like God and our families) to focus on. We are letting society lead us away from what God has chosen and planned for us to be happy. And then we wonder why life feels so meaningless, and why we're always so depressed.

Yes many of us have to work, but when you go to work, who are you really working for? You have to do your job, and listen to your "boss". But don't forget who your real Boss is! Do you think that God can't use you to do good at your work place? We can do his work wherever we are, and with whatever we're doing. So pray that when you're at work doing your job, that God will grant you the blessing of also being able to do his work. Would that not be a more satisfying workday?

I think extracurricular activities are great! So don't think I'm trying to say putting your kids or yourself into sports and classes is a bad thing. If you have a great relationship with your kids, and your family spends regular quality time together enjoying each other, and the kids aren't kicking and screaming that they don't want to go to their lessons then by all means go nuts!

However, I don't think a lot of us are as close to each other as we should be. Do you really think your kids would rather go to a soccer game and see you watching them from the sidelines, or do you think maybe they would get more benefit and enjoyment out of taking a soccer ball to a park, and playing a game with their family...obviously I'm not talking about most teenagers here ;)

How many of us actually sit down at the table for dinner with our families every night and talk about how each others day was (and actually listen, instead of focusing on how crappy our own day was)? I'm sure a lot of us do, but I know a lot of us don't!

These things are easier said than done, especially when we're exhausted from the day, had a crappy time at work, or are trying to plan out everything that needs doing for the day ahead. But just look at what I'm asking us to try to do.

  • Pray and listen to what God wants you to do

  • Eat dinner with your family

  • Talk to your family and listen to them

  • Get out and play together as a family

Is it really that hard? Is it complicated? No, it's simple. I can guarantee that if you want to focus more on God and your family, and you pray to God to give you the strength, energy and time to do it (or better yet to show you what it is he wants you to focus on) he will do it. But watch out, God has a funny way of doing things in our eyes. He may grant you the time and energy by taking unnecessary things out of your life. Maybe your TV will break, maybe you'll be laid off, he works in mysterious ways for sure, but always in the way that's best for us!

I pray that we all will receive the blessing of simplicity in our lives, and the ability to focus on the things that really matter!

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