Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shutting YOU off to hear HIM

My brain has been full lately. Between party planning (of which I had 3 this week) organizing our storage room/soon to be pantry, and getting things prepped to start my new canning adventure I haven't left much room for other things to be on my mind. Add to this the exhaustion of being 29 weeks pregnant, a constantly bored and whining 7 year old, a 2 year old who has decided that being 2 means using twice as much energy in a day, and a nesting instinct in full force to get ready for baby's arrival, I'm surprised I'm still getting up in the morning.

No, I don't have a lot on my plate compared to most, but even with these few things I find it hard to focus on anything else. When life is constantly on your mind, how do you shut it off and focus on God?

I often wonder why so many people don't hear Him talking to them, sure some wouldn't know it if it happened to them, but I think most of us have just filled our heads to full of "us" to leave room for Him.

I believe 100% that you can lead a full and busy life and still have a wonderful relationship with Him. I, however have yet to figure this one out for myself. I've let go, and given this blog to Him, and I've talked about how we are to let go and give everything to Him, but we still have to take the steps he wants us to take, and how do we learn to take those steps without having to overthink them. How do you change the way your brain works when it's worked one way for so long? How do we learn to simplify our thoughts as well as our lives?

I know time to unwind is probably key. Time to sit quietly, away from TV, and internet, and all our phones. Somewhere you can't hear the kids shrieks and hollers, somewhere you can't see the laundry piling up. Time to truely let it all go, and talk with Him, pray to Him, listen to Him, and meditate on what he wants you to know. I've tried this to, and I always end up back in my head making a mental checklist of what I need to be doing next, or falling asleep. I just can't handle sitting still and being unplugged from the outside world.

So what would happen if we took all these extra distractions out of our daily lives? What would happen if we got rid of the TV's the cell phones, and computers? How much more time would you have in your day to get things done? How much less would you have to sit in your head focusing on what's going on in your day if outside of your head everything was shut off?

God has been on us for nearly two years to simplify our lives. To focus on what's important, and what is actually needed. We have been trying to apply this financially (not buying what we don't need...easier said than done), and have attempted to bring simplicity into our life bit by bit, but I see now we have soooooooo far to go with this. We have made what we thought were HUGE changes; we moved to the country, started growing our own vegetables, make more from scratch, and I will be starting to can all our delicious harvest hopefully this week (will keep you updated). We are still so far from the life he wants for us, and I can feel it. I can also feel all these changes are coming though, so how do I shut off my thoughts in time to hear what it is He's trying to tell us?

Ah look at me, constantly focused on the how's and why's, still thinking everything through. LET IT GO GIRL, LET IT GO! If I just keep my mind focused on Him, as my body is busy rushing through my daily events maybe that's a good place to start, and if not, I'm sure He'll tell me!

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