Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Poem: If we knew how to listen to God

On my search mere moments after publishing my last post, for free images to jazz it up, I ended up stumbling across this poem on a site I've never come across before but will be visiting again. Funny how He always puts exactly what we need across our path exactly when we need it. ;)

Poem : If We Knew How To Listen To God
By Georgy

If we knew how to listen to God,
We should hear him speaking to us.

For God does speak.
He speaks in His gospel: He speaks also through life-
That new Gospel to which we ourselves add a page each day.

But because our faith is too weak and our life to earth-bound,
We are rarely open to God’s message.

To help us to listen,
At the beginning of our new intimacy with Christ,
Let us imagine what He would sayIf He himself interpreted His gospel to the men of our day.

God gave us eyes and we looked for alternatives,
He formed our ears and we listened to wrong voices,
He created our feet but we followed the wrong paths.
So God broke through into our situation.

When He opens our eyes we can see His glory
When He opens our ears we can hear His voice
When He takes our hand we can follow His path.

So look to the Lord and listen to His voice
Follow His way and he will make your paths straight.

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