Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Blessing of Determination

I don't know what to write today. I never sit down with an idea in my head, I just let God guide me through the post. Today however I really don't know. My head is so full of stress (I have a big test today) and however much I'm giving it to him, the nerves are still creeping in there. I know that if I'm meant to pass I will, and that if I don't it's no big deal, but let's face it, tests are nerve wracking! Let it go Jess, Let it go!!!

Let it go...that reminds me, I was at the library on Sunday looking for canning books. Normally there are at least 10 in there, on this day for some reason there were none. So I wandered to the magazines to see if there was anything of interest. On the way back out I passed by the "religion" section. I am not normally the type to get religious books. I find very little time to read these days, and when I sit down with a book it's usually one that I can quickly skim through find what I need and be done with. I rarely find books on religion that are like this. I felt compelled to stop and look, so I did, I looked straight in front of me, and saw these two titles side by side staring right back at me:

'100 ways to Simplify your Life' By Joyce Meyer


'How Can I Let Go if I don't know I'm Holding on?' By Linda Douty

Somewhat suiting regarding what I've been talking/thinking about over the last couple weeks, no?
Anyway, I know I need to take the time to look over these books, and guess what! They're both pretty skimable! I'll let you know how they are.
So aside from finding these books, and being stressed about the test, is there anything else that I feel compelled to talk about today???? YES!
My husband told me to write today. No that's not quite true. God told my husband to tell me to write today. I had planned on it anyway, but was a little worried about what I would write as I knew my mind was not focused where it should be. (See, I still need to work on these lessons too). He said I would miss out on a blessing if I didn't, and I'm all about not missing out on blessings right now. So on I came, and off I rambled. Did I talk about anything of importance today? No not really. But I did it. I put the time aside to spend with Him, open to hearing Him, even if I didn't think I would. I feel more connected with Him after this time with Him, but I'm still nervous about the test, I'm still overwhelmed with my messy kitchen, but there will always be something! We cannot give up, we cannot wait until we're feeling better or less stressed, for a lot of us, this may not come for a long time. We must stay determined, we must invest in time with God every day.
We will not all miraculously feel better after investing in a day with God, we will not all hear from Him the moment we do it, but I can guarantee your life will be a lot more blessed if you take the time to spend with Him daily, than if you put it off until a day you're feeling better. After all, you can't receive the blessing of watching Him work if you're not watching.
So pray to Him, write about Him, read about Him, talk about Him, just close your eyes and focus on HIM! Sounds so "simple" hey? It is, so why do the simple things always seem to be so difficult to accomplish? Put your feelings aside, and be determined to invest! I'm sure if you do this, you will find that determination creeping into other area's of your life as well...like getting the dishes done. ;)

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