Friday, August 28, 2009

Choosing to be happy, even when there's no coffee left

Do you ever have one of those days? You know, the ones where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and think I just need a cup of coffee, then I'll be fine. Then you step out your bedroom door head to the washroom and step in what you hope is just water spilled all over the bathroom floor while in your last pair of clean socks. It probably is water because there's also water all over the counters, you go to clean it up but the last of the towels are soaking wet in a pile in the sink. Apparently your youngest has woken up on the wrong side too because they decide to wake up an hour early screaming, and whining about anything you try to use to console them.
You still have not had your coffee.

Your oldest staggers in and asks what the plans for the day are, as usual they are not to her satisfaction so the whining and pouting begins. You ask her to go get dressed, and then spend the next 25 mins arguing with them about panties being too tight or too big, shirts too hot, pants too uncomfortable, and of course they end up in what you told them to put on in the first place, and are amazingly fine with it for the rest of the day.

You still have not had your coffee.

You realize you still have not had your coffee and begin to make it when your youngest reminds you between fits of screaming and rolling on the floor that she hasn't had breakfast. You stop and get breakfast, your youngest runs off with breakfast, dog gets your youngests breakfast. You realize dog hasn't been taken out to pee yet. You pray that dog hasn't already gone in the house, you take dog out, youngest is screaming at the door because now she still hasn't gotten breakfast, oldest is FINALLY dressed but still pouting, you ask her to feed the dog, she does (while pouting). Youngest decides that if you're not going to feed her when she wants she will eat the dog food too, and spill the dogs water all over the kitchen floor, and slip in spilled water, and start screaming again.

You still have not had your coffee.

You come in and make breakfast...again. realize you forgot to change youngests diaper, go to change diaper and realize you are too late, they have pooped, and they're soggy wet night time diaper has not contained it. You clean that all up, and she finally starts eating. Go to throw away the diaper, the garbage is full, take out garbage, complain to self about having to take out garbage, garbage cans are still at the road, nowhere to put garbage. You don't care at this point and leave it outside.

You still have not had your coffee.

You stop, take a breath, look around. Is everyone taken care of? Yes! and as a bonus no one is screaming. You go to make your coffee, open the tin. You're out of start to cry. You are less than an hour into your day. You don't know how you're going to make it through.

Okay so I have not had a day exactly like this one before, most times they're worse ;)

But take this day for example. If I were to look back on a day like this, I would realize I probably was the one to put those wet towels in the sink in the first place, and there weren't any others because I hadn't done laundry. My youngest would probably have been crying and up early because she was teething, my oldests panties are either too big or too small, and we haven't done as much this summer in terms of fun things for her. (I would pout too if I had to watch my mom clean all day everyday). We got a family DOG not a family plant. Dogs will eat your food if you're not careful, dogs will pee and poop in the house if you don't take them out. We chose that. I was probably the one to fill the garbage too, and I'm the one in charge of groceries so I should have thought ahead and bought more coffee, or if you want to get technical, I shouldn't be drinking it in the first place.

The rest of the day would have consisted of fits of screaming and pouting from everyone in the house, why? Because we ALL woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Or because I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and didn't decide to change the way I saw things that day. I woke up thinking the day would be bad, and then it was.

How many days do you start like this? Lately I have not had to start any of my days like this. I few days ago I was awoken by my darling husband, telling me that he had made me coffee. I got out of bed to find coffee and breakfast waiting for me, my youngest sitting smiling away in a clean diaper while eating her breakfast, and the dog already taken out. Our oldest still in bed because she decided she still wanted a little more sleep (which meant not up too early and cranky for the rest of the day) and my husband....smiling!

He had taken care of it all, and still had a smile on his face. We enjoyed breakfast (and coffee) together, spent time together talking about some bible verses, before he left for work for the day. And he's done it every day since.

What have I learned over the past few days? God has given us an amazing power! It's called free will. This means we have choices, like choosing to wake up on the right side of the bed. Choosing to handle each situation that comes up with patience and understanding, and choosing to see the good and positive in everything. We can choose to see how everything and everybody is working against us, or we can open our eyes to the fact that maybe it has more to do with us and nothing to do with anybody else.

Thank you sweetie, for choosing to put your feelings aside and making mornings wonderful for your family.

Homework: When you start to feel like things are bringing you down and not going your way, open your eyes to your part in it, and choose to see things differently.

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