Friday, July 31, 2009

The blessing of Confirmation

I knew without a doubt I was supposed to start this blog. God has been after me for this one for a while. The past two years I've been told to "write". At first I wasn't sure what it was he wanted me to write, then after a time I realized I was to record our family's journey with him, and the many blessings he was giving us. I decided I should start our "Family Bible" recording the things he had done in our life, prayers he answered and lessons he had, or was trying to teach us. Not much came of that, I got busy, I got lazy, and I never found the time.

I know now why it didn't work out. He didn't want me to keep a record just for me and my family to remember and learn from. He wanted me to share our blessings and joy with everyone. What a selfish thought it was to keep it to myself, silly girl.

I started the blog, and knew God wanted me to tell my husband what I was doing, and to ask him for a little time every night or a few times a week to focus on this, away from the distraction of the kiddies. I didn't. We were bickering, he was hot and tired from work, it just didn't seem like the right time to ask him to do something else. So I didn't say anything about it, I wrote my little blurb about true blessings. This was not what I planned to write when I sat down, it's just what happened to end up on the page, and I thought cool, but is this just me? Am I right about this? Will people agree that this is what the "true blessing" is?

Then last night as I was sitting outside with my husband and mother in law our topic as it often does turned towards God and somehow "blessings" and "true blessings." I was stunned and chuckled inwardly. I hadn't been saying a word, this was them talking. I felt immediatley like God was confirming for me that I was on the right track with this blog, and my ideas of what he wants us to know about blessings. And so, I was blessed once again, and was able to see God's hand in my life once again.

Before the conversation last night I was debating what to write today. I have been blessed so many times, and was wondering how to tell my story of all these blessings. Obviously I'm not yet meant to. I understand now that as with everything else in our life we are to leave it in His hands. I trust He will guide me, and give me just the right things to say if I just take my hands out of it, sit back and watch His hands be at work.

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